ProView Plus Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches


ProView plus sterilization packaging provides dependable quality and verification with Class 4 internal and external chemical indicators. Indicator arrows change color when exposed to sterilizing conditions. Constructed of special wet strength heavy gauge virgin paper and transparent flexible poly film. Multiple seals at the edges and a double seal at the loading end prevents ripping or tearing.

Consistent Performance
Extra wide side seals, 36 lbs. high wet strength medical grade paper and five-ply blue poly film protect sterile contents.
Industry leading 7/8” self-seal adhesive strip gives users Triple Action Seal™: tape to paper, tape to film and tape to tape.
Quality adhesive and materials provide clean peel.

User Friendly
Thumb notch and generous knuckle roll area for easy opening.
Quick release tape and dry edge enables handling with gloves.
Adhesive strip with perforated fold gives complete seal.

Recommended for use in steam, chemical vapor and gas sterilization processes.

200 pouches per box

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