Whip Mix Orthodontic Plaster


Superwhite plaster of exceptional hardness and particular whiteness has been developed especially for the exacting needs of orthodontists. Harder than ordinary plaster, it gives an unusually smooth mix with long working time. It trims easily, particularly when wet. To provide an accurate and dense cast, finest results are obtained when mixed under vacuum. To produce a desirable glossy surface, may be treated with MODEL GLOW model soap.

• Water/Powder Ratio – 37ml water to 100g powder.
• Working Time – 7 to 9 minutes.
• Setting Time – 14 minutes.
• Setting Expansion – 0.20%
• Compressive Strength-wet (1 hr.) – 3500 psi.
• Compressive Strength-dry – 6500 psi.

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