Leone Memoria Leaf Spring Activated Expander


This device is an evolution in the design of the previous spring-loaded expander, designed with technical and scientific collaboration of Dr. Claudio Lanteri and Mr. Filippo Francolini. This new expander features a small size body, and it is equipped with two Nickel Titanium MEMORIA® leaf springs allowing the release of calibrated and continuous forces to promote the expansion of the maxillary arch. Re-loading is needed when the two opposing leaf springs move apart: the intraoral activation, which must be done in the dental office, will put the springs in contact again thus allowing the release of the selected force.
The expander is available in two models releasing respectively 450g and 900g. The package includes a special clip to keep the leaf springscompressed by facilitating the phases of work and development of treatment either for clinician or technician. Packaged individually with a swivel key to facilitate the endoral activation by the professional.

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