QwikStrip Interproximal Strips


The industry leading QwikStrips are an interproximal solution for removing cement from in between teeth and also for creating the precise spacing needed for minor tooth movement (IPR).
In order to create precise interproximal spaces for any Orthodontic procedure including Invisalign™, Clear Correct™, Six Month Smiles™, MTM™ or any minor tooth movement needed, use QwikStrip™ color coded abrasive strips according to the sequence outlined. The reduction process (IPR) should begin with the white serrated strip (not pictured) to break the contact, followed by the yellow single-sided strip (.07 mm), and continue in sequence until the desired space is achieved. Check the reduction with an approved measurement guide before moving to the next strip (grit) in the sequence. BPA Free. Made in USA.
Autoclavable up to 325°F/162°C.

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